Giant Mushroom comic…



It feels good to be drawing straight from imagination. This is from the opening scene in my comic – the one about the giant mushroom. I haven’t thought of a name for it yet. “The Giant Mushroom” sounds too literal. Perhaps…perhaps…

bloody big mushroom copy

I guess I’ll just call it that for now.

I thought I’d share the pencil stage and the original rough drawing, because so many artists post their finished work online as if it just fell out of the pen and onto the page “here is a little drawing I made in 5 minutes”. Sometimes it does happen that easily. But most drawings start ugly. That’s what makes it feel like hard work sometimes, and why a lot of people think they can’t draw, but if you persevere with it you can begin to bring it to life.

Pencil stage :

Original rough drawing :


The Giant Mushroom Pt 2


I’m experimenting more…with monoprint.

I’m building a collection of prints playing with the concepts in this story I’m working on, and the slow, laborious process of printmaking – rolling out ink, cutting stencils, inventing new tools to draw with, etching marks into the ink – allows time to let the mind wander into new ideas.


(I’m really obsessed with the different textures that can be achieved with monoprint, they have a quality that is difficult to replicate in any other media.)

giant mushroom pt 3 full bleed

Love letter to Rotterdam


The worlds first crowdfunded infrastructure project, Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam. (Photo taken with my harinezumi camera. Animated watercolour creatures artists own.)

For my 29th* birthday, we went to International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

I first went to IFFR a few years ago, while Dan was living in Amsterdam, and the films we saw left a huge impression on me (particularly unforgettable was Liu Jiayin’s Oxhide II which is one of my favourite films ever). There is something I love about the city of Rotterdam too, it has so much modern architecture, but it also has a great feeling of space and its public artworks and sculptures have a bold and cheeky edge. Because the festival takes place in so many venues across the city, it’s a great way to explore Rotterdam and its galleries, restaurants, bars and cafés.

( I took lots of pictures on my harinezumi camera while I was there: click here. )

(* I actually turned 30… *weeps* )